Short time. Great inspirations.


I have almost written a post about procrastination

procrastination is exhaustingAfter almost a year of nearly starting, stopping, thinking again and then finally getting round to launching this blog, I thought it would be appropriate to write a post about procrastination. With all this experience behind me, I think I have a lot to share.

Then one day while I was wasting my time doing the usual gloomy “Right, I really am going to write something today” business (which in my case usually means browsing the internet, daydreaming about writing great posts, having a coffee, making a phone call, browsing a bit more and then… oh my god, I am running late and I need to pick up the kids), I bumped into this article:

Why procrastinators procrastinate

And then this one:

How to beat procrastination

And now I don’t feel like writing about procrastination anymore, because it seems that there is nothing else to say. They are deep. And they are hilarious. It’s all in there. Thank you.

Now I can write about something else. But I might just have a quick coffee first…