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Aim of my blog

SHORT TIME. GREAT INSPIRATIONS. – Insights and Best Practices on HR and Leadership

These days, most managers have frustratingly little time to read long, comprehensive articles about HR issues on a regular basis. Possibly you find yourself in the same boat. Yet from time to time you feel the need to be inspired, to have some new ideas, a get a fresh perspective.

You think you ought to learn new approaches; or you want to find out how others have tackled the same HR challenges you are facing right now.

I recommend my blog as a source of inspiration to all busy managers and HR professionals

Even if all you have got is 10 minutes.


About me

My name is Eszter Avar. I am a qualified psychologist, mathematician and economist. I have been working in the field of organisational development for the last fifteen years. Here is how it happened.

My first love

Ever since I was a young girl I wanted to be a maths teacher. What could be more beautiful – I genuinely believed – than teaching the subject many are intimidated and frustrated by and turn it into something easy, understandable, even fun?

So I ended up teaching maths in secondary school and at university for three years – and I loved every minute of it.

While I was studying and teaching mathematics I also was studying for master’s degrees in Psychology and in Economics. Why on earth make life difficult for yourself, you might you ask?

Each of these areas provided me with an intellectual outlet. When the maths was getting too rational, psychology makes things more human; when the psychology became too vague, economics and business life connected me with reality; and when economics got too cynical, maths provided purity. So there you have it, three corners of a triangle of interests, and three worlds inhabited by very different groups of people.

My second love

During my academic studies I was introduced to the subjects of organisational development and HR. Here, I thought, is the area in which I could connect my three different worlds.

What could be more beautiful – I still genuinely believe – than becoming a specialist in the area that many managers are intimidated and frustrated by, and help managers appreciate how consciously dealing with leadership and HR issues such as motivation, performance management and organisational culture doesn’t only make business sense makes the company a fun and enriching place to work at?

What I do now…

I have been working as an organisational development professional since 2003. I work with international companies in Hungary and in Europe – from multinational corporations to small enterprises – two sectors that in my opinion can learn a lot from each other.

My expertise lies in coaching management teams, enabling them to successfully drive complex organisational changes I am a firm believer in data-driven organisational development (the mathematics comes in here – I haven’t be entirely unfaithful to my “first love”). My methodology is to employ a range of appropriate diagnostic methods so that intervention is targeted and action is tailored.

My experience has shown leadership development is clearly one of the most important HR areas in any organisation. I am always on the lookout for new methods of leadership development.  In continually developing my own skills and techniques, I strive to help managers and teams so that they may eventually help themselves.

I work closely with HR managers to design HR programmes which accurately cater for their business needs.

I am the founder and manager of the Best of HR Project, an initiative to facilitate knowledge sharing within the HR community. By the end of 2018 more than 100 HR directors and top managers from the biggest international companies have joined us by sharing their best practice.

Some of the companies I have been working with in the last 15 years

I wouldn’t be able to write this blog without all the things I have learned from others, especially from my clients, the managers and groups I work with. Thank you for inspiring me.

ügyfél logok végleges

My life outside of work

I live with my husband and my two lovely daughters. We are a bilingual family (Hungarian and English), a fact that is a constant source of great fun and often even greater confusion. My three biggest family-related ambitions are to:

  • understand my Father-in-Law’s northern English accent
  • teach my relatives how to spell my first name (not Esther, not Ester, not even Ezster…)
  • understand the laws of cricket and then one day, just one day, work out what apparently is so fascinating about it.


I hope you will enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.